This one is heavily inspired by the old Worms games (are they still making them?). This is a 2 player turn-based game where players aim their bombs, teleporters or lazers. One of the teams is made of red pigs, hence the name. I recorded the development (at 4 frames per second) so I might share […]

I came up with the idea of a pre-baked collision map. For each pixel Red = distance to closest collide-able pixel, 0-32 Green = X distance to this collision point, -32 to 32 Blue = Y distance to this collision point, -32 to 32 It converts an image like this: Into this: All you need […]

I’ve been spending more time on Yendor, which you can play here: Lighting The light levels are calculated using Dijkstra’s algorithm, based on the distance from the player. NPC pathfinding can also use this data to find the direction to walk towards the player Room Generation There are a number of room types, which are constrained by […]

Here’s an update to the un-named zombie car game. Features: Shadows – a funky shader that give the shadows blurry edges Zombies – They follow you Trees – they fall over when you hit them HUD – displaying fuel and health in a circle Scripting – the level is generated using a script, separate to the game […]

This is just an experiment with Typescript and Webpack, the ‘module bundler’. I’m using Webpack to simply combine all of the transpiled js files, along with the js libraries. In this example you can drive a little blue car around with the arrow keys. >> Try it out << I threw the car together quickly in blender. It […]