This is my latest project. It is a procedural, triangle-grid dungeon crawler game for Android. What you see here is a work-in-progress screenshot of a few rooms while I’m testing out collisions and physics. Right now, the only thing you can do is find the ladder in each level, to go to the next generated […]

Colour grading (also known as colour correction) (also known as color) is a pretty powerful effect used in games, as well as film. It basically involves mapping the full range of colours to other colours, for example darker shades could become blue tinted or dark yellow could become orange. A lookup table (LUT) is basically […]

This project was about an online multiplayer version of Pong. The 2d physics simulation was calculated on your client when the ball was on your side of the court. It turned out pretty glitchy. I originally wrote a lot about it, particularly using Box2d and learning to use the UDP and threading Boost libraries. Here’s an excerpt […]