This is my latest project. It is a procedural, triangle-grid dungeon crawler game for Android. What you see here is a work-in-progress screenshot of a few rooms while I’m testing out collisions and physics. Right now, the only thing you can do is find the ladder in each level, to go to the next generated […]

Colour grading (also known as colour correction) (also known as color) is a pretty powerful effect used in games, as well as film. It basically involves mapping the full range of colours to other colours, for example darker shades could become blue tinted or dark yellow could become orange. A lookup table (LUT) is basically […]

I’ve been spending more time on Yendor, which you can play here: Lighting The light levels are calculated using Dijkstra’s algorithm, based on the distance from the player. NPC pathfinding can also use this data to find the direction to walk towards the player Room Generation There are a number of room types, which are constrained by […]

Here’s an update to the un-named zombie car game. Features: Shadows – a funky shader that give the shadows blurry edges Zombies – They follow you Trees – they fall over when you hit them HUD – displaying fuel and health in a circle Scripting – the level is generated using a script, separate to the game […]

Treon is my first game, available on the Android Store You play as a triangle, in a neon puzzle-world. You can only cross over boundaries that are the same colour as you are, so don’t get stuck! This is a game I originally developed as a Java Applet. The experiment was to see if I could make […]

This is just an experiment with Typescript and Webpack, the ‘module bundler’. I’m using Webpack to simply combine all of the transpiled js files, along with the js libraries. In this example you can drive a little blue car around with the arrow keys. >> Try it out << I threw the car together quickly in blender. It […]