This one is heavily inspired by the old Worms games (are they still making them?). This is a 2 player turn-based game where players aim their bombs, teleporters or lazers. One of the teams is made of red pigs, hence the name. I recorded the development (at 4 frames per second) so I might share […]

I wanted to try out an idea that (very roughly and poorly) models erosion. The idea is that this can take smooth terrain, and form valeys and rivers. See the Pen Erosion by madcoretom (@madcoretom) on CodePen. Why is it poor? Mainly because water only flows left, right, up or down, and no other angles […]

I’ve been working on a little Websockets chat app, and wanted a way to separate multiple strings. Instead of using commas ‘,’ an escaped comma if the string needs a comma ‘\,’ and double backslash if I just need an actual backslash ‘\\’. What we could do, is include the string’s length before the value. […]

I’ve been working on this project for a while (about 18 hours total) and I’ve been capturing every minute of my work. Here’s all that work compressed to 74 seconds. I’m using as my little IDE, Paint.NET as the image editor, I’m developing in Typescript, and I’m building with Webpack. The codebase compiles to 56kb so far, with no external libraries. […]

I came up with the idea of a pre-baked collision map. For each pixel Red = distance to closest collide-able pixel, 0-32 Green = X distance to this collision point, -32 to 32 Blue = Y distance to this collision point, -32 to 32 It converts an image like this: Into this: All you need […]