Projectile Pork

This one is heavily inspired by the old Worms games (are they still making them?).

This is a 2 player turn-based game where players aim their bombs, teleporters or lazers. One of the teams is made of red pigs, hence the name.

I recorded the development (at 4 frames per second) so I might share it, or write a devblog post about it. Potential future features include adding a “CPU” player, allowing for animal selection, more weapons, better level generation, and maybe even online multiplayer.

Weapon selection is at the top:

  1. Bomb – explodes and damages players nearby
  2. Teleport – teleoports player to the peak of the curve. Makes a small hole on collision but does not damage players
  3. Lazer – shoots a straight line through the ground (for shooting or teleporting though). Does not damage players