I’ve been working on this project for a while (about 18 hours total) and I’ve been capturing every minute of my work. Here’s all that work compressed to 74 seconds.

I’m using Atom.io as my little IDE, Paint.NET as the image editor, I’m developing in Typescript, and I’m building with Webpack. The codebase compiles to 56kb so far, with no external libraries. The images are only 5.2kb. Even the audio was written by hand, so is generated by code ?.

Take a look at my other tumblr posts if you’re interested in seeing what it looks or sounds like.

The main idea here was to make a platformer, where users can make their own levels. As you can tell, I get carried away with game engine things and other features, so saving to the server isn’t implemented yet

If you’re interested, I’m using the Arcade 29 pallet so I’m not spending all of my time picking colours.

It’s not done yet, but I always find that last 10% to take forever. Stay tuned


Try it out here