Geondun (previously named Splungeon) is now up for alpha testing for members of this Google+ community, Madcoretom App Testers (remember G+ ?)

Right now there’s an issue on Samsung devices where some of the models don’t show up. I implemented a share button to send the debug string to an application that accepts string messages so they can send it to me.

Intents are pretty cool and something I haven’t tried until now. The code is fairly simple

Intent send = new Intent();
send.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, debug);

Here’s an updated screenshot of the game, with a few updates

  • NPCs that find you and follow you
  • NPCs you can kill, with gibs
  • Death
  • Health pickups
  • Treasure chests
  • Menus

Using the Blender Wavefront OBJ export, with “animation” enabled, each of the animation keyframes are saved as separate OBJ files. Here’s a walk cycle