Treon is my first game, available on the Android Store

You play as a triangle, in a neon puzzle-world. You can only cross over¬†boundaries that are the same colour as you are, so don’t get stuck!

This is a game I originally developed as a Java Applet. The experiment was to see if I could make a fun game with a triangle grid, and it turns out I could. Here’s what I wrote about the grid at the time

A triangle grid is tricky. Some point up, some point down, each has 3 neighbours. I worked it out after realising a pair of triangles make a rhombus, which can be skewed to make a square. So if you imagine a square grid with a right-angle triangle in the bottom left, and the other in the top right, then you’ve got it. The player can exist in 1 of 2 positions in each grid rhombus.

The applet version is the main way to create levels (it has a built in level editor) but unfortunately there’s not a lot of reuse going on, so all changes need to be done in parallel.

It doesn’t make use of OpenGL, its basically comprised of drawing lines, points and polygons to the screen. I learnt a lot about handling touch input, and how to create user interfaces/menus for them.

I’m very happy to have completed a game, and to put it out there. It wasn’t very successful, but that’s okay as it was intended to be a learning experience