We all know the classic tank games. Two or more teams take turns to aim their tanks and fire at the opponents. Games like Worms allow you to move the tanks (which in this case are animated worms with guns) and have a destructible environment.

Because this is a turn based game, I thought it would be a good candidate for an online multiplayer experiment.

Be aware that the screenshots you’re seeing are still very much in development


I’ve gone with WebGL, and Typescript. My IDE is atom.io and by package manager is npm. I haven’t yet started on the server-side code, but I imagine I’ll use PHP as it won’t be very complicated.

Instead of the world being a height-map, or using a grid, or an image (like Worms) I’ve decided to go with Voronoi cells. They produce a cool effect, but I’m not sure how I want to render them yet.

The characters, aiming arrows and the missiles are all low-resolution pixel art. The men are based on these amazing templates here on Quale, but I don’t think he means to share them so I’ll have to come up with something original. I may chose to use 3d models which would allow me to animate them nicely

rocket tank

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