Zombies. They’re increasingly popular foes in game, TV and the cinema, but if your not fighting the undead, what other choices do you have? If your not making a fantasy game or recreating battles of history, then your only other choices are terrorists or probably Nazis.

The Castle Wolfenstien games are a perfect example of the latter, even though it kind of encroaches on a battle of history. The player ploughs through countless Nazi soldiers without needing any further motivation. The TV show Danger 5 chose Hitler to be the enemy (along with Nazi dinosaurs). Games such as Counter Strike and Battlefield 3 use terrorists as the enemy, although it’s more of a level playing field. In these games it’s tough to believe a kill/death ratio of more than 50 to 1, but Zombies on the other hand.

Zombies are weak, they generally dont have any ranged attacks, and most importantly it is OK to kill them, they’re already dead. In this case, a kill/death ratio of 500 to 1 is more believable. In games such as Left 4 Dead, they’re plentyful, and don’t try to dodge bullets. You can sit behind your infinite-ammo machine gun all day. Here, quantity is more important than quality, the challenge comes from the swarm as a whole instead of a single zombie. Kids games like Plants vs Zombies have much of the same reasoning behind it, just without the core.

There are lots of other examples that I haven’t played or watched, but here’s a few: Day Z, Last of Us, Lolipop Chainsaw, Dead Rising, Fallout (not always enemies),  The Walking Dead, Warm Bodies and I Am Legend.

For a shooters and films alike, to be successful, and accepted by cultures around the world, zombies are the go-to enemy not because of “fashion” it seems, but because it’s practical.

(Sorry if i missed out on your favourite Zombie game/film. Leave your comments below)

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