Before the competition

It’s that time again folks, time to spend a weekend strapped to my PC, making the most awesome computer game in the short period of 48 hours, all from scratch.

About Ludum Dare

As usual, the theme is announced right when the competition starts. We’re currently in the theme-voting stage, and there are some good ones in there.

In the previous two Ludum Dare competitions I entered (22 and 23) I did a vector style and a pixel-art style game. This time around (if the theme fits) I’d like to go with 3d using openGL.

As usual I’ll pick a game feature (gravity, teleporting) and run with it and see what kind of game I can make from it.

You should expect to see:

  • Another time lapse video (LD22, LD23)
  • Some Programmer Art
  • 8-bit sounds (less annoying than before)
  • An obscure link to my trip to Russia

This week I’ll warm up by making a lwjgl applet, and I’ll toy around with some of the theme ideas

Day 1

Up to the announcement of the theme and the start of the comp I’d been drawing up ideas for almost every theme in the list (at least the ones i voted for) but when evolution was announce I was stumped.

Looking at IRC, other people seemed to have the same reaction.

This was a good thing, it’s a challenge and its why we’re all here (except for those that are here to make kitten-related games)

It’s 11pm in Australia (Sydney) right now, and because of the timezone difference, I’ll be at work while most are finishing their works of art (no sarcasm).

Anyway, i followed a few dead ends, a few BSOD’s and now i have a walk cycle for a guy (Ferdinand) wielding a carrot:

Day 2

I let my game run for a few minutes, and I come back to see what is essentially a monster org…
The thesaurus suggests I say “merrymaking party”.

I may have to tone down their will to reproduce… otherwise Ferdi wont have any room left in his space office.


My entry for Ludum Dare 24 is called Monster Mash.

The theme was “Evolution” and like every other time, you have 48 hours to complete your game, starting from scratch.

I chose to go with evolving monsters, but instead of them being your enemies, they’re your science subjects. Hopefully this twist on the player-monster relationship goes well.

The story:

Ferdi works in a monster breeding lab, but they evolve rather quickly and have taken over
His boss wants him to kill them all, except for a few breeds.
Each section shows the goal breed and the number
You must have the exact number, and kill the other monsters
Don’t worry, they can’t hurt you

Play Monster Mash Here
Rate Monster Mash Here

Here are the results:

#107 Innovation 3.54
#119 Theme 3.58
#120 Humor 3.00
#134 Mood 3.15
#261 Overall 3.17
#291 Graphics 3.13
#321 Fun 2.88
#443 Audio 2.19
#570 Coolness 49%

I’m pretty happy with these scores. The positions are out of 1006, so they basically range from 11% to 57%.

I really went for the theme in this one, which made it tryicky to make a game out of. I had a great time making up the pixel art, and I guess the goofy monsters got me the humor score. While it was just another tile game, i guess the goal was different enough to do well in the innovation category.

The next comp is in december, but I might sit that one out (we’ll see how I feel)

I’m currently working on polishing the game, and taking the comments into consideration. I really enjoy having people play and crique my game, almost as much as i like playing the creations of others.

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