I’m In! My social life is on hold and I’m excited to be a part of Ludum Dare #27! I missed  #26, but competed in 22,23,24 and 25.

I enjoy both playing the games of others, and the feedback from the community about mine. This time I hope to include music in my game.

(The escape pod, Ferdi, Villain with top hat, 3-pixel red guy)

As usual I’ll start from scratch with plain old Java, but I might use a library to play OGG files. I’ll probably use my code for rendering text from my previous entries, which is available to anyone who wants it.

Here are my tools of choice for this LD:

  • Graphics – Paint.NET
  • SFX – BFXR
  • Music – MilkyTracker
  • Code – IntelliJ IDEA
  • Screen Capture – Chronolapse


You can play all of my games over on the projects page, www.madcoretom.com/projects!

You can play my competition entries, see the comments and scores, or even compete yourself here: www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/madcoretom/

I did it! This is Commander McSpace.

Rate it on the Ludum Dare entry page (the theme was “10 seconds”)

or Play it here on the game page

Commander McSpace is a platformer game written in Java using only standard libraries, plus EasyOgg for the music. You play as the commander as you try to collect the parts required to fix the gravity generator. Until it’s fixed the gravity flips from down to up every 10 seconds.

Look out for lasers and bears, the standard dangers within any space station.


This round there were 1437 entries. I managed to play and rate at least 30 games (which is just above average)

Here are my results:

#195 Overall 3.47 stars
#201 Theme 3.56 stars
#263 Graphics 3.41 stars
#266 Fun 3.30 stars
#397 Humor 2.55 stars
#412 Innovation 3.16 stars
#442 Audio 2.74 stars
#479 Mood 2.82 stars

You can view the results page (and link to the game) here.

I’m happy with these results. This time I managed to include music in my game, and to have slightly more story.
Without the 10-second gravity switch mechanic, its just a basic platformer with nothing to kill.
There was a sound issue for Mac and Linux users (which was fixed in a day or two) which might have hurt my audio score, which is traditionally low anyway.

The future of Commander McSpace

I’ll be adding a new level, with some new textures, mechanics and sounds soon on the projects page

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