Sphere Racer

I made a game where you roll a sphere around a race track.

I lost interest eventually when I ruined the dynamic lighting (and wasn’t using source control)

Here’s part of the old post:

So here’s an update on my sphere Racing project. I’ve given up on the editor right now, it was more complex than the game and working with MFC gets frustrating sometimes. For now I have a console where i can manipulate values and spawn stuff, and a simple text file format.

Below is a video with an unremarkable test level comprising of 4 models converted from Collada DAE to my own MSH file (similar to OBJ, but allowing multi-texturing and forcing triangles only)

The next thing i want to do is set  up the networking so a player can join a server and play. Each client would be responsible for doing its own physics, but the other player’s positions would be overridden when new information is broadcast from the server. This may be a slow process, but i’ll see how i go.

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