I’ve finally released a game on Itch.io! The game is called “Dog Castle”, and was inspired by Mario Maker. You play as a dog in a castle, collecting food and dodging enemies, with the ultimate goal of saving the king. The levels and enemies are varied, with 5 worlds including a lava world, a sewer […]

I’ve been working on this project for a while (about 18 hours total) and I’ve been capturing every minute of my work. Here’s all that work compressed to 74 seconds. I’m using Atom.io as my little IDE, Paint.NET as the image editor, I’m developing in Typescript, and I’m building with Webpack. The codebase compiles to 56kb so far, with no external libraries. […]

Geondun (previously named Splungeon) is now up for alpha testing for members of this Google+ community, Madcoretom App Testers (remember G+ ?) Right now there’s an issue on Samsung devices where some of the models don’t show up. I implemented a share button to send the debug string to an application that accepts string messages so […]