Chair Simulator!!!

Ever wanted to know what it was like to be a chair?

Is being a human just too hard sometimes?

Do you want to know the feeling of being reupholstered?

Then Chair Simulator is for you!

Head over to and create yourself a free account to start playing!

It's the first web-based furniture-centric MMO created in 2014 to feature a shiny floor!

How to play:

  1. Create a user
  2. Log in
  3. Earn XP
  4. 'Buy' new chairs with your XP
  5. Feel fulfilled!


You control the game using the on-screen buttons

  • Zoom In / Zoom out - moves the camera, shows more or less of the chairs
  • Log Out - logs you out of the game, why would you want to do that?
  • Offline Players - toggles chairs that have logged on recently (they're in the list)
  • Player List - toggles a list of recent players, with you on top
    • Click the names to centre the camera on them
  • Enter shop - spend your hard earned XP on new chairs and materials
    • If you're just changing the material, then you don't need to pay for the chair again
    • Prices are based on a complex model. The more people who have a certain chair/material, the cheaper it is
    • If you click 'Buy' but the price has changed, you'll have to try again at the new price
    • 'Exit Shop' exits the shop

Boy, that escalated quickly

A few months on, and I'm still working on the dungeon puzzler game.

I'm working on a level with a good length and good level of complexity, but it just takes so long.

I'm sick of Javascript too, while its lack of types lets you get away with things, it is still more of a hinderance. I could use libraries, but I just dont feel like learning any.

I have been having fun making textures. I've limited myself to 64x64 pixels at most

Oh, and I also have a secret project thatI'll announce someday

Low Poly Goodness

Still working on a remake of my last Ludum Dare entry. I'm enjoying modelling, and level design

The problem I'm hitting currently is stairs.

Low Poly Snakes

I've been working on the game WebGL I entered for Ludum Dare (play over here)

Here are 3 of the objects you'll find in the game

Ludum Dare 28 results!

The results are in, and apparently I mage a moody game. I managed to score in the top half for all of the categories, and in the top quarter for most!

What went right

I took a gamble and tried making a 3D game, which I knew would take more time.
I think that the high mood score is due to a combination of the music, the lighting, and the consistent style. Mood wasn't something I was aiming for, in fact I scored lowest on mood for my previous entry.

This game required a different set of tools. Blender and AudioSauna are great and quick ways to make 3D models and sounds respectivley. Paint.NET is always good too.

What went wrong

Nothing really went wrong, but there were places for improvement.

I think the main contribuor to the low "fun" score was the lack of a "You Win" screen. Testers said they would walk around afterwards looking for a prize, or a door to the next level. The game was short, but it combined 3 different game mechanics (light, keys and buttons).

Testers also seemed confused at the ability of the lantern to float to you, and through walls. When friends played, they walked right up to it to pick it up. This would make one of the eagles impossible to reach.

Humor got an average score, which is fine. It's usually a category I go for, but not this time.

If I had more time

The competition started at 1PM on Saturday in Australia. I went out to a party on Saturday night, having only rendering & controls working. I went to work at 10AM on Monday, with 3 hours of the competition left. That said, it just adds to the challenge, and I'm sure many people face the same thing, and I could have worked something out if I wanted.

I would have added a win screen, a longer level (or a number of levels) and decorated it with more props.

If you want to read the comments, play the game, or see details about my score, you can visit my Ludum Dare entry page for Seven Eagles, One Lantern

Seven Golden Eagles

My Ludum Dare entry for number 28 was called Seven Eagles, One Lantern, and you can play it here.

I decided to take the leap to Javascript/WebGL this time, as I usually code in Java or C++. The one thing i miss the most is the IDE. This time I used notepad++, as I haven’t bought a Sublime or WebStorm license.

I discovered AudioSauna, which is much easier than the usual MilkyTracker, though I think i spent just as much time goofing around with it.

I recorded everything at about 4 frames per minute if you're interested

Ludum Dare 28

I'm going to compete in the 48 hour game competition, Ludum Dare

This will be my 6th comp, and I’m going to try WebGL this time!

WebGL seems to be supported enough, so I can finally move away from my Java Applets/jars which are blocked nowadays.


  • Paint.NET (textures)
  • Notepad++ or Sublime Text 2 (code)
  • Bitbucket (repository)
  • Blender (3D modelling)
  • Chrome, Firefox, IE (testing, Chrome for debugging)
  • Bfxr (sounds)
  • Milytracker (music)
  • Chronolapse (screen capture)


  • webgl-utils
  • glMatrix
  • jquery

I’ll also sneak a peak at my first WebGL/js game (Ski 3D), but I won’t be copy/pasting.

Looking forward to it!!!

Ski 3D

Do you remember the old game Ski Free?

While it was relatively simple, it was great fun to play. I decided to try and re-create in in WebGL

I want to play it now

The models are low poly (and low quality :P) but that's all part of the style

It has been a learning experience for me. JavaScript was the second language I learnt (after BASIC), and I haven't made any JavaScript games since my Geocities days. I still have a big list of features that I'd like to add, but who knows when I'll start another project.

Play It Here


You can now 'race' against previous player's who have played. Your first 250m are uploaded to be ghosts for someone else.

Learning WebGL

I've been learning WebGL, and javascript again. The last time I used javascript for creating games was on a Geocities website, for games clones like Pong, Tetris, PacMan, Tron and Ski Free.

Since then I've grown up and learnt a thing or two, and it seems javascript has grown up too.

For my first real experiment, I thought I'd try to create a simple example of Delaunay Triangulation, which looks like this:

Try it for yourself here

I'm sure its not 100% correct, but i get the result I want, a randomized mesh of triangles. I think this looks more interesting that a heightmap applied to a grid of triangles. Perhaps I'll make a game from it next. If you do happen to look at the code, be prepared for a very hacky mess.

Ludum Dare 27 results

This round there were 1437 entries. I managed to play and rate at least 30 games (which is just above average)

Here are my results:

#195 Overall 3.47 stars
#201 Theme 3.56 stars
#263 Graphics 3.41 stars
#266 Fun 3.30 stars
#397 Humor 2.55 stars
#412 Innovation 3.16 stars
#442 Audio 2.74 stars
#479 Mood 2.82 stars

You can view the results page (and link to the game) here.

I'm happy with these results. This time I managed to include music in my game, and to have slightly more story.
Without the 10-second gravity switch mechanic, its just a basic platformer with nothing to kill.
There was a sound issue for Mac and Linux users (which was fixed in a day or two) which might have hurt my audio score, which is traditionally low anyway.

The future of Commander McSpace

I'll be adding a new level, with some new textures, mechanics and sounds soon on the projects page

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